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Leading Halogen Free Low Viscosity Monomers& Coating Supplier.
As a solutions driven manufacturer of innovative phosphonate monomers, paints and coating products,
it is our mission to design and produce high quality solutions to industrial applications.


Premium paint & Coaing

We offer a variety of premium paints that promise beautiful results for any style, any budget.

Surface Experts

Specialist surface coatings and metal finishing service provider with growing facilities in China.

Have Your Job Done

Our expertise on coating & paint will ensure you a satisfied surface treatment on your product.


PHSOPHONATE Retardant expert

You will find the top quality products you demand, the technical information you need, and the service and support you rely on. At HJ Coatings, we strive to provide you with the products you need for a job well done. As stated with our mission statement, our goal is: Working together as a team to provide responsive customer service, accurate information and quality coatings that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.


Why choose HJ Coating & Paint?

  • Deliver substantial whole life cost savings;
  • Satisfy the most stringent environmental and regulatory specifications;
  • Provide unsurpassed protection solutions for demanding environments anywhere in the world;


We act professionally. We set challenging goals, encouraging innovation and speed. We get it right first time. We share, learn and improve continuously.


We grow our knowledge and gain customer intimacy by understanding their business. We are led by facts and measure what we do.


We show personal leadership in health and safety. We act responsibly towards the environment and community. We demonstrate commitment and ownership. We act decisively, empower and lead change.


We role model the Honestjoy Values and debate openly and transparently, building trust and earning respect. We act ethically.


We create the greatest value when we work together in the interests of our customers. We take a one company approach. We value diversity and gain strength from our blend of functions, nationalities and skills.

Product Features

  • Great Coverage

  • Outstanding Durability

  • Environment Sound